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Andy Friedman of The Washington UpdateThe Washington Update: An Overview of the Political Environment, Prospective Legislation, and Strategies for Investment and Retirement Planning

For the first time in eight years, a new administration has taken over the White House – an administration with vastly different policy goals than the one that preceded it.  President Trump’s initiatives, if implemented, will have far ranging effects on health care, sector regulation, government spending, and the country’s fiscal situation.  Businesses and the markets are eagerly awaiting Congressional consideration of sweeping tax reform legislation, which promises to lower rates but might not benefit everyone, as changes fall unevenly across economic sectors, businesses, and individual taxpayers.

And hanging over this year’s deliberations are the upcoming 2018 elections, which will determine whether the new administration can enjoy the support of a congressional majority for the entirety of its four year term.

Andy Friedman and Jeff Bush, experts in political and legislative affairs, will lay out the wide ranging initiatives President Trump will seek to enact during his first year in office, including those involving tax reform, infrastructure, jobs, and industry-specific proposals for energy, health care, financial services, and other sectors.  We will consider the extent to which Trump can expect support from the Republican-led Congress and the impediments that nonetheless may stand in the way of enactment.  Throughout the year, we will continue to follow the proposals as they are formulated and refined.

We also will consider the extent to which the new administration is likely to overturn or soften regulatory policies the Obama administration put in place, including the controversial Department of Labor regulation imposing new fiduciary obligations on financial advisors.

Finally, Andy and Jeff will discuss how the new administration’s initiatives are likely to affect the economy, industry sectors, tax planning, investments, and the markets.  They will provide strategies that investors and financial advisors can consider to take advantage of (or protect against) market volatility and upcoming legislation, including specific strategies for investment, wealth transfer, and retirement planning.

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