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Andy Friedman of The Washington UpdateThe Washington Update: An Overview of the Political Environment, Prospective Legislation, and Strategies for Investment and Retirement Planning

Mid-way through 2018, investors and businesses are still digesting the consequences and effects of the sweeping Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed by Congress at the end of 2017.  Many investors remain unaware of portions of the Act that upset heretofore conventional planning for common investment decisions and financial transactions.

At the White House, the Trump administration’s effort to impose tariffs on imports has roiled the markets.  Other administration initiatives seek to reduce the scope and effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act; impose new immigration restrictions and ramp up enforcement; reduce the availability of Medicaid benefits; and roll back many industry-specific regulations.  At the same time, the SEC has proposed new “broker conduct” regulations.

Hanging over these efforts are the 2018 midterm elections and the expected release of the Mueller report on possible malfeasance by the Trump campaign, both of which have the potential to alter the administration’s ability to implement its programs.

Andy Friedman and Jeff Bush, experts in political and legislative affairs, will address all of these matters in their 2018 presentations.  Among other things, they will discuss:

The little-understood nuances of the new Tax Act that will have a profound effect on the decisions of business owners and investors, and on financial advisors’ recommendations to their clients;
The likelihood of the Administration successfully implementing its tariff and other initiatives, and how those initiatives may affect the economy, the markets, specific industry sectors, and investments;
How the Tax Act and changes in government spending are likely to affect the country’s fiscal situation and the future direction of interest rates;
The scope and effect of the SEC’s proposed broker conduct regulations; and
How the outcomes of the Mueller investigation and the 2018 elections may alter the administration’s ability to implement its far-reaching policies.

Along the way, Andy and Jeff will provide strategies that investors and financial advisors can consider to take advantage of (or protect against) market effects and volatility arising from these initiatives, as well as specific strategies for investment, wealth transfer, and retirement planning.

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