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Andy Friedman of The Washington UpdateThe Washington Update: An Overview of the Political Environment, Prospective Legislation, and Strategies for Investment and Retirement Planning

A new Congress convenes in 2019, returning split government to Washington. The new Democratic-led House is expected to hold aggressive oversight hearings into the Trump administration’s policies. At the same time, the administration will continue to assert its regulatory authority in a number of areas, including expanding and increasing tariffs on imports; reducing the scope and effectiveness of the Affordable Care Act; imposing and enforcing new immigration restrictions; reducing the availability of Medicaid and other “safety net” programs; and rolling back industry-specific regulations. In addition, the SEC has proposed new “broker conduct” regulations, while the DOL is considering another look at its prior proposal.

Andy Friedman and Jeff Bush, experts in political and legislative affairs, will address these matters in their 2019 presentations. Among other things, they will discuss:

Residual nuances of the 2017 Tax Act that provide strategies for investors in 2019;
Bipartisan legislation that Congress will consider in 2019;
The scope of House oversight hearings and how they could affect the administration’s ability to implement its policies;
The effect and possible outcomes of the president’s tariff program and other administration initiatives such as healthcare, infrastructure, and industry-specific reforms;
How changes in government revenues and spending affect the country’s fiscal situation and the future direction of interest rates;
The scope, effect, and prognosis of regulations governing broker conduct.

Along the way, Andy and Jeff will consider how each of these items is likely to affect taxes, the economy, specific economic sectors, and the markets in 2019 and beyond.

Along with these insights, Andy and Jeff will provide strategies that investors and financial advisors can consider to take advantage of (or protect against) market effects and volatility arising from these initiatives, as well as specific strategies for investment, wealth transfer, and retirement planning.

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